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92% of your donations are used to finance our empowering projects, 

8% is used to pay for our operational costs. 

We are significantly reducing our operational costs thanks to financial as well as in-kind donations.

Join the loop and make our projects possible by either;

A) Choosing a project from the list below and making a contribution.

B) Shopping at our store, where 90% of net profits are used to Empower Projects (Click here to visit)

C) Donating to us using Causes, Crowdrise, or GuideStar. 

D) Clicking on the donate button below, make a direct impact reducing our operational costs.

When you shop at our store or donate to our organization, the profits are used to Empower a Projects such as those listed below.

STEM Education

$ 5 USD

STEM education offers a tremendous opportunity for students to learn how to improve their lives, learn the necessary skills to enter a profitable job market, and combat climate change. 

Why? Climate Change poses one of the most serious challenges to reducing global poverty for the national and international community.

Stay tunned to our blog, we will posting a series of reasons to build our case.


Empowering Workshops (Level 1)

$ 10 USD

Scope: We established a partnership with the Cleveland Y (and other organizations) to provide workshops about sustainable development and science to 4th to 8th grade students.

Cost: For each $10 donated we can provide a 2 hrs workshop for 1 student.

Impact: Teach groups of up to 35 students. Create 5 internships, offer 4-6 volunteering opportunities to community members.  



Empowering Workshops (Level 2)

$ 50 USD

Additional Impact: The interactive workshop provide each student with a chance to learn about sustainable development while doing science.

Outcome: Every student is given an opportunity to learn science by completing an experiment from beginning to end.

Follow-up: Done by a Social Innovation Fellow and/or by the partnering organization. We publish the results on-line.

Cost: For each $50 donated we provide a 2 hrs workshop for 5 students.



Clean Energy and Water (Part 1)

$ 250 USD

Description: This is one of "Clean Energy" projects located in Rural Brazil.

Cost: $250-$750 per family (vary according to family size and water demand).

Outcome: The refurbished windmill is providing electricity and being used to pump underground water to a family farm.

Geo location: Lakes Region in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.




Clean Energy and Water (Part 2)

$ 750 USD

Potential: can be replicated in other rural areas in Brazil and Latin America. Depending on the assessments. 

Scope: 10-300 families.

Impact: Measured based on the change in productivity, farm output, and savings.

Scale: this project can be fully implemented in 6-12 months.

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What we offer: 

We are a 501(c)3 public charity based in the United States, all donations received by are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Depending of your state, you donation might qualify for a state tax deduction as well.

Donations help disenfranchised individuals create sustainable communities by funding projects that will help them be successful. 

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