MicroEmpowering.org is an organic organization with a horizontal approach to sustainable development.  We tackle the problems of communities from the bottom up, which means listening to the locals in order to identify their pressing needs and partnering with not for profits that employ people locally.  Our position is as follows: locals are the ones being affected the most by the lack of resources; therefore, we feel strongly that if we listen and be attentive to their needs we will be most successful in our partnership!

MicroEmpowering.org wants to bridge the gaps between donors, businesses, government programs, not-for-profit organizations, microfinance institutions, and academia by using a 360-degree closed loop approach to the execution of grass-roots sustainable projects.  Once each person does their part in an organized manner, success will be obtained through small compromises and knowledge sharing. 

                      But we can't do it without you... Join us!

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