What are the positive returns for donors?

Our operations methodology uses a hands-on approach and technology to develop a workflow that is 100% focused on project efficiency and execution.  We care deeply about bringing more transparency into the development field.

Our approach is quite simple: we cut all the extra layers of communication between donors and practitioners to maximize the impact of your donation.  We listen directly to the local people and the organizations they choose to work with, as we value local expertise.

Donations help poor and disenfranchised individuals create sustainable communities by funding projects that will help them be successful.  

  • Do you accept matching donations?  Yes, we do.

  • Do you accept in kind donations?  Yes, we do - but for compliance reasons you need to contact us.

  • Do you accept planned donations?  Yes, we do.
  • What if I only want to donate to your partner organizations--regardless of their project? That's not a problem, one of our approaches is to transfer the funds directly into the organization account. But depending on their location and bank (used to receive the money) we might have to charge the recipient organization for a transfer or deposit fee, if they are located overseas.

Because we are a not for profit organization, but our operational model focus on economies of scale we keep our costs very low and operate with a very thin margins. As a result, our budgetary sustainability will not depend on fees or tariffs and we won't be compromised by fluctuations in donations levels throughout the year.
  • How you can donate?   There are two ways to donate, in the first option you can help us cover administrative costs, by clicking the “Donate Now!” button.In the second option, you choose a project and help us donate directly to the organizations and or person who is managing this project.

  • What is the path of this donation until reaching the final beneficiary?  The path is very simple, from the moment that we receive your donation, the amount donated is allocated in one particular sub-project account. Once the total is reached we transfer these funds to the person responsible for managing the partner organization's project. If the amount is not reached within a period of three months the partner organizations have two options; first is to cover the differences in values between the project cost and amount collected. The second is to extend the period of collection for a month.

  • What criteria used to channel a donation to one project versus another?
    The donor has complete freedom to decide what projects will receive their funds. But on our site we also point out to the projects whose funds are nearly completed based on popularity.

  • How can I track my donation?  This is first phase of our Beta website, stay tuned for our second phase.

  • As a donor, how can I follow the project where the donation was allocated?  Through the login, the second phase of the site, you (donor) will receive an email where the donation is replaced by a code within the project. From there on your privacy is assured and the donations can be (followed) until completion of the project. We want you to be able to track your donations like you track a FEDEX package.

  • How can I manage my donations?   We are developing an application that will be release in the winter, stay tuned!

In case you could not find and answer to your question, please contact us.

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