We created this diagram to show your relationship with your environment and demonstrate how you can help your community to become more sustainable and to obtain energy sufficiency, better quality of life, and cleaner air.

This part of the website is to help you visualize effects of projects and potential projects. Projects can be related to multiple sections of the diagram below.

Our environment:   all the surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging from the large-scale surroundings to the personal places, also a physical system that interact by exchanging mass, energy, or other properties. 

Your community

The area of the planet where you live, eat, make money, 

pay your bills, shop, and spend most of you time.

Your lifestyle

Is the integrated way of life of an individual as typified by his

or her manner, attitudes, possessions, life choices, etc.

Your ecosystem

Everything around your community,  all plants, animals and  micro-organisms in an  area functioning with all the factors of your environment.

Your favorite place

The park, the beach, the terrace, a faraway retreat, and etc.  

Your home

The place where you live  as well as the place you consider to be your unofficial home.

Your trash

All the things you throw in the dumpster. It could be clothes, furniture, electronics, batteries, papers, toys, pretty much everything we buy and is eventually discarded.

 Your Environmental Impact

Means thinking about things you can do to curb climate change and make your energy use more efficient, as well as think about biological diversity and the well-being of those who draw their livelihoods from the space around you. This is how you make an impact in this planet, now it is entirely up to you.

Let's work together to make a positive impact?

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