Partners - are the organizations that we partner and work with - become a partner organization today!

Practitioner ideas - the committees of practitioner specialists we work with and ideas from our board members.

Our selection process - is how we select the projects and the organizations we work with.

Final projects - the list of projects and organizations approved according to our selection criteria.

Your donation - we need your generosity to help people and their communities.

Empowering a project - these donations will help us finance (empower) projects that help people in the micro level!

Fellows and volunteers - they are our point person during the implementation process.

Hands on implementation - implementation process that values local knowledge, information sharing, and employ local people.

These are good examples of what we are doing:

- Workshops linking science, technology, engineering, and math to entrepreneurship,

- Projects that provide access to tools and technologies to micro and small businesses,

- Create public private partnerships to develop "sustainable business",

- Projects that will grant access to low cost clean technologies to poor communities,

- Projects that create incentives to reduce water usage,

- and other environmental improvements.

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