How we define the services we can offer to our partners?

Micro-Empowering Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with market solutions, to fund social entrepreneurs, projects from other not-for-profit organizations and community projects.  We look for projects that will have a positive environmental impact at the grass roots level.  We provide donors above $500, with innovative solutions to track and evaluate the efficiency of each dollar donated.  We also help these organizations and social entrepreneurs by facilitating access to knowledge management technology and project management strategies in order to implement their projects most efficiently and effectively.

What does Micro-Empowering intends to accomplish with these partnerships?

We intend to increase the funding and create new incentives for projects using sustainable resources* at the micro level.  *Such as projects to optimize energy consumption, recycling programs, as well as the use of solar panels, wind turbines, biomass systems, fuel cell storage systems, clean energy--at the micro level.


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