Earlier last year, Japan experienced a 9.0 earthquake followed by massive tsunamis. The destruction that occurred killed thousands and left many more homeless. One of the many unfortunate side effects of this natural catastrophe was the threat of nuclear disaster.

Concerns revolving around energy and basic life services for the future plagued Japanese people. That is where a Japanese advertising firm, TBWA/Hakuhodo, along with Nissan, NEC, and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, came in with the “MIRAI NIHON Project.” A team of architects, technologists, and other experts came together to design a living unit that was in harmony with nature and technology.

This house is completely self-sufficient and co-exits with nature in Japan. In the case that a natural disaster should happen again, people will still be able to function without depending on outside gas, water, and electricity. However, it is also believed that this house could function in cities and villages around the world, creating a new age of sustainability.

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