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Geothermal Energy Part 2

Posted by Guest Editor on Thursday, December 27, 2012,

Geothermal energy can also be captured from heat pumps. Heat pumps tap into the heat near the Earth’s surface. This type of energy capturing can be used to heat water supplies or heat/cool buildings. Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat by pumping water or a refrigerant through pipes (also known as heat exchangers) below the Earth’s surface. During the winter months the water and refrigerants absorb heat from the Earth and deliver it to buildings and such. During summer months pumps are ...

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Lights Out in the Rockaways...

Posted by Guest Blogger on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, In : News 
Video: Lights Out in the Rockaways by our dear friend Arianna La Penne  -  She recorded scenes from Rockaway Beach, Queens, where residents are increasingly cold and scared without heat, water, and electricity days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the community.

The resident's needs were quite basic and they raise questions such as:
Where is the FEMA team?  Where is the RED Cross?  Where is the all the help that has been promised on TV?
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What is a Fuel Cell? How does it Work?

Posted by Guest Editor on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, In : Must read 
Since the late 1830’s companies around the world have been striving to create a technology that can replace traditional batteries and generator technologies. They seek a technology that will help to overcome the pressing environmental concerns the world is facing. That is where the fuel cell comes in. Fuel cells are electrochemical energy devices that convert hydrogen and oxygen into water, which can then produce electricity and heat. They are most similar to the average household battery; ...
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How Methane Heating Works?

Posted by Guest Editor on Sunday, July 15, 2012, In : Must read 
Natural gas derives from animal and plant matter that was heated and pressurized in earth’s layers (hence why it is referred to as “fossil fuel”). It is generally made up of methane, ethane, hexane, propane, heptanes, butane, and pentane; however, gas companies purify it until only methane is left. That way the gas used for heating burns cleanly. Methane is considered a clean fuel because compared to coal and oil, it is less chemically complex, releasing only carbon dioxide and water va...
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Sustainable Houses, The Key to Our Future?

Posted by Editor, via CNET on Sunday, October 9, 2011, In : Must read 
What do you think of sustainable houses?
The technology used for building is improving every day, but if it's a super energy-efficient dwelling you're after, the tools are already well at hand. Once a year, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association organizes a green buildings open house where energy nerds like us can see the latest in home efficiency. 

Source: CNET

On the other hand, if you want to built a different house, to be in harmony with nature. You might want to consider these inexpen...

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