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Schools Raise the Roof on Solar Energy

Posted by Guest Editor news from NREL on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, In : Guest Blogger 
In one 50-minute period last month, the Intro to Engineering students at Chatfield High School in Jefferson County, Colorado, charted the strength of solar panels at their desks, then climbed through a trap door to examine the 100-kilowatt solar array on their school's flat roof.

"You see a couple of panels that have been shattered by last year's wind storm," teacher Joel Bertelsen told the 32 students, who were peering intently at the panels when not testing the springiness of the roof. "I...
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Meet the Zero-Emission Bus (ZBus) Regulation

Posted by Guest Editor on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, In : Must read 
In 2000 the Zero-Emission Bus (ZBus) regulation was established. Its intentions were to develop a Californian transit system made up of 15% zero emission buses. This formation of this regulation would also meet California’s air quality, greenhouse gas, and energy security goals.

Source: Zero-Emission Bus Design

Zbus’ produce zero smog pollutants and when compared to diesel-fueled buses, is predicted to reduce greenhouse gases by 46 percent. They have centralized fueling that allows one s...
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What is a Fuel Cell? How does it Work?

Posted by Guest Editor on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, In : Must read 
Since the late 1830’s companies around the world have been striving to create a technology that can replace traditional batteries and generator technologies. They seek a technology that will help to overcome the pressing environmental concerns the world is facing. That is where the fuel cell comes in. Fuel cells are electrochemical energy devices that convert hydrogen and oxygen into water, which can then produce electricity and heat. They are most similar to the average household battery; ...
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What Makes the MIRAI NIHON Project so Amazing?

Posted by Guest Author on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, In : Guest Blogger 
Earlier last year, Japan experienced a 9.0 earthquake followed by massive tsunamis. The destruction that occurred killed thousands and left many more homeless. One of the many unfortunate side effects of this natural catastrophe was the threat of nuclear disaster.

Concerns revolving around energy and basic life services for the future plagued Japanese people. That is where a Japanese advertising firm, TBWA/Hakuhodo, along with Nissan, NEC, and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, came...
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Electrofuels: Tiny Organisms Making a Big Impact

Posted by Guest Editor, DOE and ARPA-E on Thursday, July 19, 2012, In : Must read 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words — but what happens when what you want to look at is impossible to see?
That’s where the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s Electrofuels program comes in. The 13 projects that make up the program seek to develop renewable liquid fuels that use microorganisms to harness chemical or electrical energy to convert carbon dioxide into liquid fuels, without using petroleum or biomass. For example, scientists at Columbia University are using...
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Over 6,000 firms are in favour of clean energy and climate legislation

Posted by Contribuitor on Wednesday, August 4, 2010, In : News 
(Via BusinessGreen)

American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE) group, one of the leading corporate coalitions pushing for the adoption of climate change legislation, last week released an analysis of green business lobby groups revealing that more than 6,000 firms are now fully in favour of clean energy and climate legislation

The study said that combined, the companies, which include 21 Fortune 100 companies and many of the largest corporate names in the US, employ 3.5 million people and hav...
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