Nutrition facts on a box of cereal. Country of origin on a pair of shoes. Radiation information on a cell phone. Product labeling puts power in the hands of consumers, rewards responsible producers and educational retailers, and combats false advertising. It transforms markets—just look at what organic labeling has done for the food industry. 

Not so long ago, everyone was completely in the dark when it came to the backstories of the things we buy—and when it comes to their climate impacts, we still are in the dark.  

The team of environmentalists at created Prospect to make it easy for buyers and sellers to see the carbon and energy footprints of products on the shelf. With just five minutes of work and one line of code, developers can now outsource the scientific and technical chore of adding green analytics to their site, efficiently empowering their customers and demonstrating their sustainability commitment.  

With enough sites using tools like Prospect, everyone will be one step closer to environmental transparency and climate accountability.

We hope you will enjoy this great opportunity to apply environmental transparency to your favorite products!