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The highlights from 2010 disclosures 

The CDP Water Disclosure replicates and builds on the tried-and-trusted methodology and process that the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has used for carbon and climate change since 2003. Backed by 137 institutional investors representing $16 trillion in assets, this year CDP sent its first annual water questionnaire to 302 of the world’s 500 largest companies in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series, focusing on sectors that are water intensive or are particularly exposed to water-related risks. 

The response rate among target companies has been impressive for the program’s first year. Of the 302 target companies, 150 (50%) responded to the questionnaire. A further 25 companies also responded on a purely voluntary basis. The strong response rate in this inaugural year is indicative of the high level of importance being placed on water by global corporations across sectors and geographies. 

Villagers waiting in line for untreated water in Mozambique 

Water has climbed high on the corporate agenda. 67% of responding companies report that responsibility for water-related issues lies at the Board or Executive Committee level, while 89% have developed specific water policies, strategies, and plans. Encouragingly, 60% have set waterrelated performance targets. Response rates vary widely between different sectors and geographies. 100% of companies in the Chemicals sector responded compared with just 29% in the Oil & Gas and Construction, Infrastructure & Real Estate sectors. 

Responses were received from companies in a total of 25 countries, with the highest number of responses coming from the US (59, 57% responding), the UK (14, 64% responding) and Japan (13, 45% responding), and the highest response rates from South Africa (100%), Germany (83%), and Switzerland (71%). Respondents have a good overall awareness of water risks and water usage within their own operations, but much less knowledge of their supply chains.