There are an insane amount of cons to the manufacturing and use of plastic bags. To name a few:

  •       They are made from raw components of oil, which is a limited resource.
  •       According to studies they take at least a few hundred years to decompose; therefore, they consume space in landfills.
  •       When disposed of in the oceans, they are often introduced to the sea creature food chains, which can ultimately lead to their deaths.

While these are only a few cons of plastic bags, they are already alarming facts. They have too many negative aspects that hurt our environment. That is why it is important for people to be aware of their harmful attributes and to take action against using them.

One state that is paving the way for the elimination of plastic bag use is Hawaii. Thanks to local grassroots movements, all four County Councils of Hawaii were able to pass legislation outlawing the usage of plastic bags at checkout counters starting January 17th. Instead consumers may go for paper bags or bring their own reusable bags. While plastic bags will still be in use for products such as nuts, fish, and meats, it is still a huge step in the right direction. It makes sense that Hawaii is the first state to pass this law being that they are more exposed to the adversities plastic bags can have on marine life. We at Microempowering applaud them and urge all of you to contact your local council members expressing your concerns on the usage of plastic bags.