Donna DeForbes a great writer and eco-mom, she is our new contributor!  Donna wrote a very cool post about bio gas and the multiple options out there for transforming solid waste into energy.  According to the article, under the gentler moniker of ‘bio-gas’, businesses around the globe are seeking ways to harness the power of human waste, which contains bacteria that releases methane gas (also known as Natural Gas and CH4).

Using solid waste from 70 homes, British company GENeco powered a VW Bug (the Bio-Bug) to run 10,000 miles per year.

Source: The Bio-Bug, powered by poop.

POOPOOPAPER™ uses animal dung to create their collection of notepads, journals and paper ornaments. You can even shop by poop type (elephant, panda or moose?).

The Swiss trap the methane from their sewage plants to make bio-gas for powering city buses and heating homes. Human poop powers streetlights and cooking gas in parts of India.

Using its own gasification technology, by 2013 the Denver Zoo’s newly refurbished “Elephant Passage” will convert more than 90% of its waste into sustainable energy. It used that same technology to introduce the world’s first poo-powered motorized rickshaw earlier this spring.