What we DO:

  • All of our projects must have a sustainable development focus.
  • We focus on projects that are simple in nature and help communities get started on the basic steps of sustainable development.
  • Our projects focus on teaching 'people' how to be sustainable at the micro level. We do not believe in free fish, we teach people “how to fish” on their own.
  • We empower people like you to create projects that will benefit communities at the micro level. 
  • We work with partner organizations to fund projects related to our mission and these projects must either;
    • help local communities in the USA or overseas and/or 
    • social entrepreneurs and/or
    • small business with at least two employees.
  • To qualify for receiving our services, the partner organizations (or practitioner), must agree upon working with one of our fellows.
  • We want your community to be more self sustainable, which means a better environment for you to grow a business, work, play sports, learn how to protect your local ecosystem, and raise your family under healthier conditions.      
YES  - this is possible, but it requires hard work and commitments!
  • Please note that some of our partner organizations in the microfinance business have to bear large risks. Therefore, our microfinance partners might need to charge interest rates on their loans.

What we DO NOT do:

  • We don’t discriminate on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, language, or race.
  • We can not afford to work with broad projects whose impact/results are unfeasible.
  • We don’t fund or implement macro (large) projects that will require lots of capital and years time to be completed. There are a lot of great strategists in larger multilateral organizations, local, and federal governments that can implement long-term macro economic plans for sustainable development.
  • We don’t get involved or fund on awareness programs, there are lots of other organizations doing awareness programs.
  • We don’t fund advertising campaigns, because of our grass-roots approach we only focus on projects at the MICRO (community-village) level.

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